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Alan Ranger, Dave Kosiur, Deigh Bates & Mike Prince

Alan Ranger

I am a full-time photography educator. Running workshops, courses and supporting individuals in their pursuit of their love of photography at all levels.


Dave Kosiur

I'm a retired network consultant and book author who's been making the most of a renewed interest in photography for the past 8-10 years. I enjoy photographing landscapes, both large- and intimate-scale. Much of my work is B&W, and I've done more work with an IR-converted camera for the past 2 years.


Deigh Bates

I am a retired hydrologist who worked many years for the U. S Forest Service. I live in Eugene, OR. Trips to Central and Eastern Oregon are a year occurrence and often times comprise the highlight of my photographic year. I have begun to do more and more Black and White images as I think they bring out the glory of the western landscape.


Mike Prince

Mike Prince Landscape photographer living in the Lake District. Photographing across the Lakes, Wales, Scotland and the Scottish Islands. I prefer dark days and bad weather- they allow the landscape to show through. The most frequent comment made on my images is 'moody'; I try to convey a sense of what the place looked like and more importantly felt like to 'me' at that moment.I like images where you can smell the rain and feel the wind on your face.


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way. You can view previous 4x4 portfolios here.

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Alan Ranger

Spittal Rock

Dave Kosiur

Island Spring Tapestries

Deigh Bates

Storm over Steens Mountain

Mike Prince

West Harris


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