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Anthony Shaughnessy, David Southern, Nicki Gwynn-Jones & Phillip William Jenner

Anthony Shaughnessy

Anthony Shaughnessy is a full-time landscape photographer based in Cheshire but spending most of his time in the more mountainous areas of Snowdonia and the Lake District. He sells his prints at art fairs and online and one day hopes to make an actual profit.


David Southern landscape photographer

David Southern

Since moving to Northumberland in 2018 David’s photography has focused mainly on the intimate landscapes and wildlife found on his local coastline.

His work regularly features in magazines, podcasts and has won awards in a number of international photographic competitions. He is an experienced public speaker and mentor. In 2022 he published his first book, ‘Shoreline'.


Nicki Gwynn-Jones

Photography became a passion for Nicki whilst living in Florida with her family. She uses the camera as a tool for expressing her love of art and nature in a creative way and will happily spend hours immersed in the Orcadian landscape in all weathers.

Nicki is a keen swimmer and a member of the celebrated Orkney Polar Bear Club. Swimming in crystal clear seas all year round without a wetsuit can be a challenge but is always a delight, especially for the encounters with curious wildlife such as seals and fulmars. A long tailed duck fly-past is always a special treat, however she is not so sure about the jellyfish. In 2012 Nicki was awarded a Fellowship in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society. She has exhibited extensively both in Britain and abroad and has work hanging in homes around the world.


Phillip William Jenner

Phillip William Jenner

Phillip William Jenner is a Landscape Photographer and Wedding Photographer, Passionate about Nature and the Outdoors, Based in Derbyshire, The East Midlands.


Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted from our subscribers. Each portfolios consisting of four images related in some way. You can view previous 4x4 portfolios here.

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Anthony Shaughnessy

Anthony Shaughnessy 4x4 landscape photography portfolio

David Southern

Close to Home ~ Thursley Common

David Southern 4x4 landscape photography portfolio

Nicki Gwynn-Jones

The Shape of Water

Nicki Gwynn-Jones ~ The Shape of Water 4x4 portfolio

Phillip William Jenner

Bolehill in the Snow

Phillip William Jenner 4x4 portfolio



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