Tim Parkin

About Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

On Landscape Photography Conference

Issue 81 PDF

Creative Lightroom Pt 4

Paul Harris

Issue 80 PDF

Digital Negative / Digital Print

Weston’s Point Lobos

Charlie Waite Exhibition

Shadow Colour

Issue 79 PDF

Creative Lightroom Pt 3


A Return to Iceland

The Saltwick Challenge

Indecisive? Moi?!

A Sony Monochrome Sensor?

D810 Live View Split Screen

Robert Birkby

Issue 78 PDF

Judging Competitions

Voyage of the Eye – Brett Weston

Tim Blogs – Am I still a landscape photographer ?

Issue 77 PDF

Creative Lightroom Pt 2

Joe Cornish & Charlie Waite

The Pool – Iain Sarjeant

Issue 76 PDF

Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite

Creative Lightroom

Book Review – Pierino’s Snowdonia

Book Review – From Shore to Summit

End Frame – Reflection, Orsjon by Jan Tove

Issue 75 PDF

Michael Jackson – Poppit Sands

Park Light

Issue 74 PDF

Terry Abraham Interview – Life of a Mountain

Joe Cornish and David Ward Discuss Photos

Harry Callahan Exhibition and Catalog

Issue 73 PDF

Charlie Waite Interview

The Year of the Print Exhibition

The Burn – Jane Fulton Alt

Issue 72 PDF

Grouped Masks

Polarisers, Shutter Speeds and Flowing Water

Issue 71 PDF

The Landscape – Paul Wakefield

Exhibition Planning Part 3

Issue 70 PDF

Exhibition Planning Part 2

Dalt Quarry – A Compositional Study

Issue 69 PDF

Exhibition Planning

Landscape Photography Conference 2014

Opportunity Cost

Sea Fever by David Baker

Issue 68 PDF

Tim Parkin’s 2013

Memory Colour

Esen Tunar

Issue 67 PDF

In Conversation with Paul Wakefield

Michael Lange

Issue 66 PDF

Paul Wakefield Workshop

Judging Competitions

Terry Johnson

Issue 65 PDF

Issue 64 PDF

Postcards from Scotland

Neil A White

An Introduction to Colour

Desaturating the Shadows

John Irvine

Issue 63 PDF

Mark Littlejohn

David Moorhouse

Issue 62 PDF

Masters of Vision 2013

Masters of Vision : Joe Cornish

Masters of Vision : Antony Spencer

Masters of Vision : Steve Watkins

Masters of Vision : David Baker

Masters of Vision : Dav Thomas

Masters of Vision : Pete Bridgwood

Masters of Vision : Mark Gould

Masters of Vision : Chris Upton

Masters of Vision : Jonathan Horrocks

Susan Brown

Issue 61 PDF

Paul Kenny

David Ward – 10 Photographs

Book Print Quality

David Clapp Webinar

With Trees

Interview With David Breen of Triplekite Publishing

Will Clarkson

Marc Elliott

Issue 60 PDF