About Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

Large Format Lenses – The Standards

Issue 145 PDF

Photographing the Peak District

A Photographer’s Life

Hoge Venen (High Moors)

Issue 144 PDF

Pinhole Photography Follow Up

Issue 143 PDF

The Science and Aesthetics of the Hole

Issue 142 PDF

Large Format Camera Accessories

Issue 141 PDF

Treasured Lands, Book Review

Issue 140 PDF

The Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D

10 Stop ND Filter Test

Issue 139 PDF

Yan Preston – Mother River

Camera Types for Large Format Photography

Issue 138 PDF

An Introduction to Large Format Photography

Issue 137 PDF

Josef Sudek

Issue 136 PDF

John Blakemore

Issue 135 PDF

First Light Exhibition Discussion

Issue 134 PDF

Connected 10

Issue 133 PDF

Thomas Joshua Cooper

Issue 132 PDF

Issue 131 PDF

Issue 130 PDF

Jan Bainar

Issue 129 PDF

Issue 128 PDF

The Sport of Waterborn Photography

Issue 127 PDF

Subscription Price Change

Issue 126 PDF

Rowan Trees (Sorbus Aucuparia)

Interview with Erin Babnik

Issue 125 PDF

Rowan Article – Call for Photos

Issue 124 PDF

Interview with Lee Filters

Issue 123 PDF

Interview with Colin Homes


Mat Robinson

Issue 122 PDF

Birch Article – Call for Photos

Pre Conference Workshop

Meeting of Minds Conference Update

Issue 121 PDF

Heather – Calluna Vulgaris

Dylan Nardini

Issue 120 PDF

Location Guides by FotoVue – Cornwall & Devon, North Wales and the Lake District

Issue 119 PDF

Using Light Meters

Matt Lethbridge

Issue 118 PDF

Interview with Nicholas White

Issue 117 PDF

This Land – Book Review

The Dreaded Scottish Midge

Issue 116 PDF

On Landscape Room at the Joe Cornish Gallery

Issue 115 PDF

Light Meters and Film

Silent Landscape – Battlefields of The Western Front

Issue 114 PDF

“Iceland – An Uneasy Calm” by Tim Rudman

Clipping Colour

Luka Esenko

Issue 113 PDF

Issue 112 PDF

Tim Rudman – Iceland Exhibition

Scott Walton

Issue 111 PDF

Issue 110 PDF

An Interview with Despina Kyriacu

Linda Lashford

Issue 109 PDF

Creative Lightroom Pt 9

Justin Minns

Issue 108 PDF

Triplekite Mini Book Reviews

This week only, Big £400 Discount on 5DS & 5DSr

The Photography Show

The Scots Pine

Issue 107 PDF

Creative Cloning

Issue 106 PDF

Landscape Photography Conference

Beginning Winter Mountain Photography

Stephen Barnett

Issue 105 PDF