About Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

Issue 175 PDF

Give Ben Shieldaig a Bright Future

Issue 174 PDF

Issue 173 PDF

In the Dreamtime by Nicki Gwynn-Jones

Island by Hans Strand

Photographing Snowdonia Mountains by Nick Livesey

Behind the Photograph by Charlie Waite

Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Issue 172 PDF

“North West” by Alex Nail

Issue 171 PDF

Graduated Filter Colour Accuracy Testing

Issue 170 PDF

Issue 169 PDF

ETTR in the Age of the Modern Sensor

Issue 168 PDF

Antipodean Adventures

Issue 167 PDF

Filter Systems for Neutral Density, Graduated and Polarising Filters

Issue 166 PDF

Issue 165 PDF

Capture One for Landscape – Part Three

Landscape Conference News

Issue 164 PDF

William Neill – Retrospective

Issue 163 PDF

The Collodion Artist

Issue 162 PDF

Realism and Honesty in Photography

Issue 161 PDF

Capture One for Landscape – Part Two

Issue 160 PDF

Issue 159 PDF

Antonio Aleo

Issue 158 PDF

Issue 157 PDF

Capture One for Landscape – Part One

The Scottish Landscape Photographers Exhibition

Issue 156 PDF

Two New Speakers for Conference

Issue 155 PDF

The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Photoshop – Book Review

Fotospeed Launch OBA Free Matt Paper

Issue 154 PDF

The Start of a 365 Project

Issue 153 PDF

Masters of Landscape Photography – Book Review

Photographing Scotland – Book Review

Capture Lakeland – Book Review

Issue 152 PDF

Yosemite Photographs

Issue 151 PDF

The National Trusts and Commercial Photography

Issue 150 PDF

My Top 12

Interview with Ben Horne

Issue 149 PDF

The Myth of Control

The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis, Journey Into the Wild

Issue 148 PDF

Earth Stands Still

Laponia – Majestic Stillness

The Making of Time

Issue 147 PDF

In Search of Colour

Issue 146 PDF

Large Format Lenses – The Standards

Issue 145 PDF

Photographing the Peak District

A Photographer’s Life

Hoge Venen (High Moors)

Issue 144 PDF

Pinhole Photography Follow Up

Issue 143 PDF

The Science and Aesthetics of the Hole

Issue 142 PDF

Large Format Camera Accessories

Issue 141 PDF

Treasured Lands, Book Review

Issue 140 PDF

The Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D

10 Stop ND Filter Test

Issue 139 PDF

Yan Preston – Mother River

Camera Types for Large Format Photography

Issue 138 PDF

An Introduction to Large Format Photography

Issue 137 PDF

Josef Sudek

Issue 136 PDF

John Blakemore

Issue 135 PDF

First Light Exhibition Discussion

Issue 134 PDF

Connected 10

Issue 133 PDF

Thomas Joshua Cooper

Issue 132 PDF

Issue 131 PDF