About Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

Issue 205 PDF

A Pragmatic Approach to Colour Management

Lockdown Podcast #4

Issue 204 PDF

Lockdown Podcast #3

Survey Results

Passing Through – Andrew Tobin

Issue 203 PDF

Lockdown Podcast #2

Lockdown Podcast #1

Living a Visual Life

Issue 202 PDF

Photography for Local Campaigning

Passing Through – Mark Banks

Issue 201 PDF

Stu Levy

Issue 200 PDF

Passing Through – David Speight

8×10 film vs IQ4 150mp

Roundtable Discussion on the Environment for Landscape Photographers

Issue 199 PDF

Cooke PS945 & XVa Lenses

Launching Meeting of Minds Conference 2020

Issue 198 PDF

Issue 197 PDF

David Ward Exhibition Talks

Behind the Photograph

Issue 196 PDF

Passing Through – Colin Jarvis

Passing Through – Margaret Soraya

Issue 195 PDF

Norway Trip Report

Interview with Paul Hill

Issue 194 PDF

David Ward Exhibition Talks

Passing Through Podcast – Al Simmons from Teamwork

Gevork Mosesi

Issue 193 PDF

Passing Through Podcast – Alister Benn

Issue 192 PDF

Graeme Green

Issue 191 PDF

Luminosity and Contrast by Alister Benn

Issue 190 PDF

Lyme Disease

Spring in the Lake District with Joe Cornish

Issue 189 PDF

Paul Kenny and Doug Chinnery

Issue 188 PDF

Spring in Cornwall with Joe Cornish

Issue 187 PDF

Passing Through – Paul Pell-Johnson & Joe Cornish

Issue 186 PDF

Issue 185 PDF

“Shaped by the Sea” Book Review

Issue 184 PDF

Issue 183 PDF

Graduated Filter Test – Part Five

Skye – Away from the Madding Crowds

Issue 182 PDF

Graduated Filter Test – Part Four

Issue 181 PDF

Extreme Scotland by Nadir Khan

Nadir Khan

Issue 180 PDF

Graduated ND Filter Sharpness and Flare

Issue 179 PDF

Issue 178 PDF

Of a Big One, not up a Big One

Issue 177 PDF

Autumn in Scotland

Issue 176 PDF

Issue 175 PDF

Give Ben Shieldaig a Bright Future

Issue 174 PDF

Issue 173 PDF

In the Dreamtime by Nicki Gwynn-Jones

Island by Hans Strand

Photographing Snowdonia Mountains by Nick Livesey

Behind the Photograph by Charlie Waite

Trym Ivar Bergsmo

Issue 172 PDF

“North West” by Alex Nail

Issue 171 PDF

Graduated Filter Colour Accuracy Testing

Issue 170 PDF

Issue 169 PDF

ETTR in the Age of the Modern Sensor

Issue 168 PDF

Antipodean Adventures

Issue 167 PDF

Filter Systems for Neutral Density, Graduated and Polarising Filters

Issue 166 PDF

Issue 165 PDF

Capture One for Landscape – Part Three

Landscape Conference News

Issue 164 PDF

William Neill – Retrospective

Issue 163 PDF

The Collodion Artist