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Carlo Didier, Chris Pattison, Tomasz Susul & Willie Robb

Carlo Didier

Carlo is an amateur photographer from Luxembourg. His love for Scotland and the outdoors is reflected in the choice of his subjects. But he also often wanders around the woods and a former open-air iron mining area turned natural reserve, just a short walk from his home.

He says “I have been trying to learn landscape photography for the last 35 years” and he hopes to get there some day.


Chris Pattison

I am a full time web developer and UX designer, and part time photographer. Most of my images are made close to home in Hartlepool, but I am drawn to the uncelebrated landscape of the North Pennines for its solitude, emptiness and family connection.


Tomasz Susul

Born in Poland and my house is still there but for the last five years my home and my family is in Switzerland. My journey through time with camera started a long time ago but only for the last four years I’ve turned to landscape photography.
I’ve been searching for poetry in nature ever since exploring connections of elements hoping to touch someone’s soul and maybe even to change the way of thinking about nature’s role in our life.


Willie Robb

I'm a photographer, video producer and artist who was born and raised near Perth in Scotland and is now based in Lewes, East Sussex. I got hooked on pinhole photography when I was 11 after watching a documentary on possible ways the Turin Shroud was made. I went on to complete a degree in the subject which ignited an urge to to create self-initiated projects using a blend of autobiographical and documentary practice.


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Carlo Didier

Giele Botter (Yellow Butter)

Chris Pattison

Blood and Limestone

Tomasz Susul


Willie Robb

European Ferries

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