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Professional photographic artist, author and speaker working primarily in the Western US.


The Evolving Beholder’s Share

Leaving the Cave

Artificial Art

Camels, Lions, and Children

Attention and Creativity

The Straight Handicap

Take the Other

Existence Precedes Essence

Save Yourself

Transcendent Forms and Noble Lies

Classical Photographers and Jazz Photographers

Colour as Form

The Deed and the Glory

Moments of Grace

The Art and the Artist

Disinterested Interest

My Important Way

Mindfulness With a Twist

Professional Freedom

The Experience is All

Ideas Behind Reality in Photography

Ideas Behind Reality in Photography

The Beauty Remains

On Equivalence, Expression, and Art

What Is Real?

Creativity and Personality

Poetic Odds

Opportunity Cost

Abstraction in Photography

A Summons to Seriousness

On Staying Inspired

On Photographic Technology

Noise Reduction

Tragedies of the Landscape Commons

Motivations in Landscape Photography

Photographing Rocks

Living a Visual Life

Art and Flow in Photography

Beyond Equivalence

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Deception by Realism

Varieties of Experience

Photographic Pedagogy

Discovery and Rediscovery

Photographing for Others

The Difference

The Second Kind

The Age of Neopictorialism

Meet Your DMN

Thoughts on Beauty

A Fool’s Errand

The Humanless Condition

Morality and Realism in Photography

The More Things Change

It Depends

Judging the Judges

Humanising the Machine

The Three-Dimensioned Life

Planned Productions

On Becoming

Photography and The Wonder of Life

The Path of Opportunity

Happiness, Creativity and Photography

Distinctive Individuality

Killing the Buddha

Beyond The Spectacular Landscape

Casualties of Progress

The Importance of Context

Conflicts of Interest

The Perils of Social Photography

Art and Inspiration

Not a Master

Endframe – “Moencopi Strata, Capitol Reef” by Minor White


The Path of Some Resistance

Artistic Promiscuity

Photography and the Creative Life

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