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End frame: ‘Shadows on the wall, Firostephani’ by Clive Minnitt

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The angle used perfectly displays the design of the composition - the ever important gap between the terracotta vessel...

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Webinar with Doug Chinnery, Friday 29th November: ICM Image Processing

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In the next issue of On Landscape we will be including a video taken when our editor spent an...

Our downloable issue is a dedicated design to make the most of the articles and photography. It's configured for to be equally at home on a home computer, laptop or tablet/ipad. At over a hundred pages long, each issue is more like a ebook than a magazine.

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    on More Than Landscape Photographs?

    Thus the argument against "community photography".

    - Gerald Rowles, 14:52 12th Nov

    on The Dolomites

    Really interesting article Adriana - your love of the region shines through - and of couse some more of your wonderful images to match :-)

    - cheryl hamer, 14:52 12th Nov

    on Issue 169 PDF

    I just want to say how superb the high res version of the PDF is. And the fact that you're on issue 169 already! Excellent work.

    - tobers, 09:38 29th Oct

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