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What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

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You may well find that the best preparation for a photographic outing, is to deliberately go unprepared.

Spring in the Lake District with Joe Cornish

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Following on from our previous wander around Cornwall (via a relaxing chair in the Highlands), Joe is talking through...

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Webinar with Doug Chinnery, Friday 29th November: ICM Image Processing

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In the next issue of On Landscape we will be including a video taken when our editor spent an...

Our downloable issue is a dedicated design to make the most of the articles and photography. It's configured for to be equally at home on a home computer, laptop or tablet/ipad. At over a hundred pages long, each issue is more like a ebook than a magazine.

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    on My Favourite Image

    A wonderful image indeed Adam!

    - Paul Gallagher, 07:48 21st Aug

    on Ditching Graduated Filters

    I'd quite happily dump the graduated filters if my version of Lightroom supported exposure blending but I think that's in the next up version which is now subscription only, so I'm stuck with the filters.

    - Anthony Shaughnessy, 10:05 16th Aug

    on The Myth of Universal Colour

    Can't beleive I missed this comment. My problem wasn't with the absolute colour of the P45+ which you can always post process. It was with the relative colours for specific substances. Take a picture which includes agricultural greens and tree greens in late summer and the P45+ will not really differentiate [...]

    - Tim Parkin, 10:05 16th Aug

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