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Ditching Graduated Filters

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Setting aside my own experiences there are many reasons to make the case for a “gradless” capture process.

A Question of Meaning

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I believe that what a photograph is about is but one manifestation of self-expression. I express myself in every...

Issue 185 PDF

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Tim Parkin Just before I started to write the editorial for this issue, I noticed that David Clapp had...

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Webinar with Doug Chinnery, Friday 29th November: ICM Image Processing

| Posted

In the next issue of On Landscape we will be including a video taken when our editor spent an...

Our downloable issue is a dedicated design to make the most of the articles and photography. It's configured for to be equally at home on a home computer, laptop or tablet/ipad. At over a hundred pages long, each issue is more like a ebook than a magazine.

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    on Time to reflect…

    Hi Jeremy, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'd certainly be up for joining an "Ageing nature photographers for the planet" group!

    - David Ward, 14:39 today

    on Endframe – Glowing Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

    I first saw some Christopher Burkett work in the flesh so to speak at a gallery in Carmel California. I never knew a photographic print could be so beautiful, so full of detail, so well, astonishing, as others have said. Been hooked and dazzled ever since.

    - David Neumann, 14:39 today

    on 30th December

    Love this work Simon! Thank you for sharing.

    - Paul Gallagher, 11:01 15th Jun

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